Applications and Auditions

For complete information regarding applications and auditions for the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Music, click here.


Undergraduate audition dates and application deadlines:

Application deadline: 10/31/22

NOTE: Applicants who are applying for Spring 2023 entry to the School of Music must audition on this date.

Application deadline: 12/31/22

Application deadline: 1/31/23

Undergraduate audition requirements:

  • Any standard solo (one movement of concerto or sonata or comparable solo of Class A level or above)
  • Major and minor (all 3 forms: natural, melodic, and harmonic) scales with arpeggios, and chromatic scales
  • Sight-reading of commensurate difficulty for all instruments
  • If familiar with orchestral repertoire, prepare excerpts of your choice (optional)

Undergraduate Scholarships and Financial Aid

Prospective incoming undergraduates are considered for merit-based School of Music scholarships at the time of audition. Scholarships are offered to students who distinguish themselves as outstanding musicians through their musical backgrounds and by their audition performance, and who demonstrate outstanding potential for success in the music major at UW-Madison. Most scholarships are offered over a four-year period and may range from $2,000 to $40,000 over those four years.

For more information, visit the Undergraduate Financial Aid website.

Graduate Auditions

MM Requirements

  • Prepare 20 minutes of contrasting solos and orchestral or band excerpts
  • Accompanist optional
  • Schedule an audition with me directly

DMA Requirements

  • Prepare 45-60 minutes of contrasting solos
  • Accompanist required
  • Prepare 3-5 orchestral or band excerpts
  • Schedule an audition with me directly

Graduate Funding

About 40% of our graduate students receive funding support in the form of a Teaching Assistantship (TA)Project Assistantship (PA), or Fellowship. There is no extra application for funding consideration. If you complete your application file by December 1, you will be considered for all of the appointments described on our Graduate Funding pages and our Funding PDF. As a graduate student applying on trombone, you must audition by January 15 to be considered for a TA, a PA or a Fellowship.